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Welcome to James Carter Design!
James Carter Design, a Calgary based company, has been serving Southern Alberta for more than 10 years. We specialize in:

      Custom Home Designs, including:
  • Luxury / Starter Homes
  • Acreage Homes

      Infills: (the re-development of an existing lot)
  • Semi-detached (commonly referred to as "duplexes")
  • Single Detached (the most common lot widths include: 25 ft., 37.5 ft., & 50 ft.)

     Renovation & Addition Designs

In addition to residential projects, we also provide concept multi-family designs, custom cottage / cabin designs, and more. If you aren't sure if we can help with your project, just contact us!

James Carter Design
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Custom Homes
Custom Homes
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5949 Signal Ridge Hgts. SW. Calgary AB. T3H2K1

Renovations / Additions
Renovations or Additions
A bit about the design process...
Initial Consultation
First off there will be an introductory meeting to discuss the fundamental elements of your project. This will include such details as:

  • Desired style & size of home.
  • Types of rooms, and their locations.
  • Lot size and restrictions.
  • Permits and relevant Bylaws.

Once we have a firm grasp of what you want in a design, we will advise you of any potential problems we might see with your project, along with solutions we might have. We will then put together a detailed proposal based on that information. Once signed the proposal will also serve as the design contract.

Once the terms have been agreed to, the next step in the design process is for us to determine just exactly what your "dream home" is. We will request such items as:

  • Photographs of design elements you wish to incorporate.
  • Magazine articles & reference websites.
  • A detailed wish list broken down into wants & needs.
  • Types of materials and features you wish to use.
  • Real Property Report (RPR).
  • We may ask you to order a geodetic land survey, if required.
  • A copy of the Architectural Controls for you lot, if applicable.

Note: If we are designing a renovation or addition we will need to take accurate measurements of your entire house, or the subject area, to aid us in creating as-built plans of your home.

The Design
We will now begin to chisel away at the information we have gathered until we have a design that is far enough along to provide you with a proof (or check set). The check set will come either by email (in the form of a PDF), or by way of a face to face meeting. You will then provide us with all feedback and desired changes you would like to see. This process will continue until a final design is reached! To see more about the process click here.

If you would like to book an initial consultation at this time, or if you require more information, please click contact us!

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